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The Speed Of Light
Monday, June 21, 2010

So soon and so quickly, in a blink of an eye, the June holidays are ending. I am not really sure if I made full use of this holiday, I really hoped I did, but I seemed pretty slack.. I kind of regretted not making full use of my time during the first few weeks of the hols, but yeah, its all too late..

Anyways, enough of all these. Yeah, I apologise deeply for not posting for a very long time :(
However, I hoped you guys will understand that sec 3 is not going to be easy, atleast for me, so I definitely need to work more than I rest..

Well, I have always been saying time flies, but I guess the speed of flying is not enough to describe how fast time. I have instead changed the term to the speed of light. Like a flash of lightning, half a year has passed. Sec 3 is ending very soon.. and next year will be Sec 4, which also means I will have my O Levels (which I have been working for these 4 years).

Well.. I dont really have much to say, except that in this 6 months, I had learnt alot. I wont elaborate on that as most things are rather personal. I guess I have to stop writing. Rather tight for time ><

Ya, thats all. Bye.. And have a good day :)

Light travels faster than sound. That is why some people apppear so bright until you hear them speak.

its all too late...
i have lost you...
{9:42 PM}

Just One..
Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well, some of you must be wondering why I didnt post and update for almost a month. Sorry to say but its the same reason again - busy and busy. Well, since today is CNY Eve, I wouldnt mind spending some time posting and updating. Moreover, the exams for term 1 are already over ^^

But still that is not the whole point. Term 1 is but the starting line for us to begin with, for us to find out what our aims are and for us to start to feel the competition. Anyways, this year, I can almost say I couldnt cope, but since I have chosen this path, I would go along with it and not give up until the very end. I dont have high expectations of myself for this year, hopefully I can pass all with flying colours but I only wan to see myself passing every subject. Perhaps getting distinctions would be next year's aim for the O Levels.

I am rather glad that exams are over before CNY, so we can enjoy CNY fully. Also, the exams were not as "sadistic" or rather as difficult as expected, so it was quite a relief. But its just one - one term. Its just one - CA1. There is still more to this year. I will have to start bucking up now incase I lose track but I wont stress myself too much, bcuz I know, as long I did my best, its alright whether I score well or bad.

Thats all for today.
Happy CNY ! :D
And Lastly
Hope you all enjoy CNY :)

Its just one..
and you are my only one.

its all too late...
i have lost you...
{9:16 AM}

The Week of Second
Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yes, the 1st week of school has ended. It very stressful for me this year I guess. I can already feel the pressure at the start of the year, I wonder how do I endure through this year and in fact, next year as well. I could even say that as I m typing, I m feeling stressed out.

Somewhat, I regret taking up Triple Science, but yeah.. move on with life. I shouldnt keep stressing myself, perhaps I could take 1 or 2 hours out to play some games or even blog. Life is tasteless without challenges, maybe I could take this as my challenge this year - to manage stress. But Triple Science isnt really that bad, as learning all the science will definitely be meaningful and useful in years to come.

Anyways, back to the topic. Next week will be the second week of school. The 1st week just passed in seconds. Its just like seconds ago when everyone's sad about school reopen. Not forgetting, we already have a maths test in the first week of school. Its really stressful, well, atleast to say, no one would want to have a maths test on the week of school reopen -.- But I couldnt blame anyone, secondary 3 life is definitely alot more tough than secondary 2 life. All I see on the time-table is just academic lessons, academic lessons and academic lessons. Nothing more than that.

Hopefully, I can manage my stress this year. But I dont expect to emerge top few in this class this year. Not say its impossible, but lets be more realistic, yeah? Of course, I will still strive hard and do my best. I wouldnt be disheartened by the position in class, because I know I am working so hard to score well for O Levels, for the sake of my future and not to disappoint my parents.

Okay.. Thats all, I m tired. I need some rest.
Bye and thanks for reading :D

My feelings for you will never change..
Be it morning, afternoon, evening or at night...

its all too late...
i have lost you...
{9:31 PM}

Monday, January 4, 2010

You all must be surprised why I am posting when school has started. Well, since its the first day of school, I guess I can still spend some time posting an entry. Yeah, like I said, first day of school, there are only twelve people that I really know in my new class. I knew it, its going to be tough this year. There are many scholars, which I suppose that they are equally intelligent to us, if not, smarter. It is going to be challenging for me to hit my aim this year. But I wouldnt give up now, otherwise I would stand no chance.

This year is going to be a busy year. Looking at the new time-table, there is only 1 PE lesson per week, instead of 2 like the past 2 years, and that the rest are all focusing on academic subjects. There must be a reason that the school has come up with this busy schedule for the secondary 3. And that reason is that secondary 3 isnt a honeymoon year, isnt a year just after streaming for us to slack, but a year for us to prepare ourselves for the impending O Levels in 2011.

Math is rather tough this year, I am afraid I have to break my record of not getting A1s. But I am so not going to let that happen and if I do not want that to happen, I have to work hard now. The rest of the subjects are equally tough, so we all have to put in alot alot more effort compared to last year.

Holidays is just over. Only over since yesterday, but ya, time doesnt wait. I have to adapt to the learning environment as fast as possible. I do not want to waste anymore time playing computer games for long period which do not benefit me at all. I am not sayig that I cannot play any games, I still can, to relax, but not as often and as long as during the holidays. I wish I can still go back to the holdiays, during which I can free my mind from all stresses, from all troubles and from everything; during which I can continue to play at ease, as long as I want; and during which I can relax myself totally. But its not going to happen so soon, I have just alighted from the plane to another island. There is no turning back but only forward.. So, I just got to accept the reality and move forward..

Always forward, no backwards..
Think ahead, not the past...
Plan for the future, not staying root...

Thats all I have today..
Thanks for reading and

Its gonna be tough..
But you are always in my mind..

its all too late...
i have lost you...
{9:51 PM}

Another Day, Another Year..
Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finally, its 31st December 2009. Its just 1 more day to 2010. Well, I had learnt alot this year, so I should keep them in mind. I had committed some mistakes too and so I should correct them. Time passes kind of fast, I guess. So fast, its sec 3 already. 1 more year, it will be O Levels. I wish everyone good luck for next year and have a better year ahead. Finally, I have reached my destination and alighted, as I have mentioned earlier on in my previous posts - The Flight of Freedom. Ya.. I reached my destination and that is, 2010. Sounds a bit lame but ya.. 2010 unlocks another door in my life. Its for us to turn over a new leaf.

This year, I had reached my targets, I guessed I did hit my expectations. But yes, I will continue working hard and strive for the best. Its not the end of all things just getting 1st in class. Its but the 1st step to success. The other steps depend on my determination to carry on. I shall prove it again in 2010. This year has been a great year, next year shall be better.

It will be tough next year. It will be difficult to cope. It will require alot of hard work. But all these I had gone through them this year. Next year is just requiring slightly more than this year's effort. Anyways, enough talking done. I hope all of you had a great year this year and have a better year ahead.

Happy 2O1O~

Thanks for reading and have a nice last-2009-day :D

Only you are missing in my heart,
But the world already seems so colourless..

its all too late...
i have lost you...
{9:51 PM}

One History, Many Mysteries
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Okay... It has been a long time since I posted an entry. Well, I couldnt help, I was busy doing homework and revising as well as busy playing games since the holidays are ending. I guess soon, all of us will be busy and so next year I might not post so often. Well, I couldnt say that I have been skiving through the holidays, atleast, I did some work. But playing next year is almost impossible for me. I have totally no time at all.

With the holidays ending, it also means the end of another year. This year is a meaningful one. I have learnt many things. I have done well in some areas, of course, I have done badly in some areas, which I could learn from and improve on them. Fragile friendships, letting go and regret are the 3 main points for me to learn from this year. I did my friends wrong. I did not let go and continue to dwell on it. It made me regret. But all these, I have learnt from them. Its all part of my one and only history. Its a thing of the past, I should not dwell on them anymore. History is for us to learn from the mistakes and correct them so we wouldnt repeat them in future. I finally understand the use of history.. Tomorrow and the future are the mysteries for us to find out, for us to know. For me, I only have 1 history, which I learn from it and correct my mistakes (no good or bad past). I have many mysteries, which I explore and find out.

This year has been a great year. The events add on to my history and make it meaningful. But dont always learn from mistake. Plan for ur future. U can change whatever that is. But it depends on whether u want to. As for me, I will plan such that each and every day is fully used, such that I am happy and such that I can learn from it..

Remember, every decision you make, there is no right or wrong. But bear the consequences and you will be right. Be responsible for it. Most importantly, dont cry over spilt milk. You made your decision so do not dwell on it and keep thinking why you didnt do this and that. Do that, and you will be wrong. Dont cry over spilt milk.. because it couldnt be changed anymore.

Well, that is the end of my "Year-End Reflections". Anyways, today is Kai Yin's Birthday :D.
And so, I have made some screenshots to wish you a happy birthday. They may suck, but yea.. I tried my best, hope you like them :) Oh yea, thanks for your gift too :D

Ya, here is the first, I carved it out using a knife in SuddenAttack :)

And another from maple,

LOL, I made it using ornaments meant for the tree in Happyville. Ya.. thats all. I hope you like them :)

Happy 14th Birthday to Kai Yin :D
And Belated 14th Birthday to Kelvin too :)

Yea, thats all for today. Christmas is approaching, which also means new year. I will post another up soon.
Good-bye and
And a happy new year :D

I want to be with you..
But it just seems to pass so fast..

its all too late...
i have lost you...
{10:39 PM}

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yes... Its December now. I could say that a year has passed - rapidly. Well.. Its only 1 month before school reopens. Definitely, I want to make full use of this month. But, apparently, I m rather addicted to maple again.. I got to do something before it gets worse. Well, I m not so addicted to it, atleast I manage to start this month by completing my Chinese assignments :)

For the 1st week of December, I will be mugging slowly. The next 2 weeks will be extreme mugging again, except that I will set aside 15th Dec in the next 2 weeks for my dear class gathering. I m so looking forward to it, I am missing you guys lots and lots! Hope more of our classmates will turn up this year :) Well, sorry I got too carried away upon speaking of our class gathering. Ok, back to the point.. And the last week, I will be mugging slowly again and try to relax more before school reopens and then comes another busy year for me..

Finally, I am alighting from the plane of freedom again. It passed so fast, like the flash of a lightning. How I wish time would really stop. Well, its impossible. I had neglected the person I love for my studies. I regret that deeply. And so, I shall stop slacking and continue to study. I want to score well in my exams and prove it to her. I had let her go, but in my heart, nobody can ever replace her. I still love her.. But can this blizzard rainstorm ever stop?

This year, many things happened and I gained many experiences. One of which is that a friendship is hard to build up yet so fragile. I have lost my friendship with one of my good friends over something, I would say, foolish. I want to change, so I wouldnt do such a thing to my friends again. I hope he will understand that I did it without having much thoughts. I hope he will forgive me and I tried very hard. But he treated me coldly now. Yes.. I deserve it. But I hope again that this blizzard rainstorm will stop..

There are many things in my life that is just like a blizzard rainstorm. I wouldnt list all down as it would take a hundred years to do so. I hope they will all return to the beautiful weather as it is before. I want her love, and I want my friend to forgive me. But, can that happen?

Somethings are irreversible
Like the loss of someone dear..

its all too late...
i have lost you...
{9:08 PM}

Its Never The End
Friday, November 20, 2009

Tomorrow... Our St John Year End Camp is just tomorrow.. I couldnt express the feelings in words. I m feeling a little nervous, not knowing what bad things may happen to us, but also excited as I do not know what fun activities we may do. And today is the 20th of november. Time really flies and I think that soon, holidays will be over and we will be back to school again. All the mugging will then resume. Not forgetting, today its my bro birthday.

And here, I would wish him a happy 12th birthday.

Happy Birthday Jun Xun Bro :)

I hope all his wishes will come true and he will always stay happy.

Well, back to the point - Time really flies. Lately, I have been addicted to Maple, once again ><
But I shouldnt get overboard. I have still continue mugging and there is still much more to learn in future. Well, having achieving my goals this year dont mean the end of all things, so I will have to continue mugging, not starting from next year, but this very moment, as I have said - Time flies.

Anyways, I will be leaving for camp tomorrow. The camp should end on the 23rd of November, Monday. And then it will be Flag Day on the 25th. After that, I should be free. And I shall not waste that period of time playing. I mean, obviously I will still play but I will mug before playing :)

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to 6C class gathering on 15th Dec. I hope I will be able to see most of you guys and catch up with one another. I have been missing you guys..
Thats should be all for today.
Bye and have a nice weekend :)

I will always be supporting you..

its all too late...
i have lost you...
{5:47 PM}

Friday, November 6, 2009

As day passes, I feel that there is a need to look ahead, there is a need to work for next year. It seems like holidays has ended for me, I have got to start mugging sec 3 stuffs, but I shall have a well-deserved rest for a few more weeks. Perhaps after my year end camp, I will start mugging. You may call me a mugger. But it just goes on and on, as long as you are in school, doesnt it?

Of cuz, I still hope to see class 2-4 again. I will surely set aside time for 2-4 if there is any gathering or whatsoever. Haha, not forgetting my 6c :) I really hope to see all of you again. But as I look ahead, I realise that the Earth still revolve everyday. Everyday still passes as it is whether u are happy or sad. I may grief over the separation of us now, but everyday still goes on. I guess I shouldnt grief over it anymore, not because I dont want to see you guys again, but because I trust that I will see you all again, so I dont nid to be worried for it.

Learning to let go is a part of life. This will not be the last time we have to learn to let go, there will surely be more in future, just ahead.. I guess all these are just part of growing up, so we will become matured grown-ups. Parting is to make us more mature, because that is then we know that the people around us are so precious, and we will learn to treasure them in future. Other than education, Class 2-4 and 6C taught me these two things, which I will remember for life.

This post is dedicated to both my class 2-4 and 6C.
Yea... wish you guys the best in future once again.
And I will NEVER forget you guys and the great memories we shared :)

Haha, and very importantly...

Happy Birthday Benjamin & Viclaus

May all your wishes come true :)

Bye, thats all for today :)

And I have learnt to let you go,
because I love you...

its all too late...
i have lost you...
{10:18 PM}

Last Farewell
Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Well.. I guess its time for us to part. Yesterday was our chalet and time just passes so fast. I wished time could even stop for 1 short hour, but it is impossible. Yesterday was also the most memorable moments I ever had. I will always remember your 'good-byes', your farewell and your hugs. Yesterday was probably one of the last time we could ever have fun together again. But I really hope we could meet again.

I really kind of regret not treasuring you guys when you were around me. But really, maybe humans are just like that; Its only when they lose something or someone, then they will find out that they couldnt lose them and start regretting. I guess we should really treasure the people around us before we lose them. Though at times, I discriminate against some of you, but now, coming to think of it, I think I am juvenile and I am immature. I want to say one word - sorry. It might be too late, but atleast you all know that I am sorry for my actions.

I believe that though we will not meet one another again, our friendship, unity and bond will never break apart. We are always and only strong and sturdy when we are together. Remember? United we stand, Divided we fall. Class 2-4 will not be a class without one of us. And so, I hope we will remember one another and the great memories.

Yea, once a class, always a class. I have to thank all of you for giving me a wonderful day yesterday, though I know that is one of the last time we will meet again. Fate decides who enters your life and You decides who stays. I decide all of you to stay and so I will remember you guys forever. Its really hard to say "bye-by.." and I will never complete spelling this word because I know deep inside our heart we will never part... This farewell will last forever and ever in my heart..

Seeing you guys everyday has become a habit of mine, but...
I wish you guys the best in future and always stay happy :)
I will miss you guys..

As I bid good-by...

its all too late...
i have lost you...
{9:34 PM}

Yet Another Year...
Monday, November 2, 2009

And so, the end of the tragedy and the end of another school year.. Now, I supposed its holidays for most of us, which means we got back every results. I would say that I had done better than I expected, though it may not seem as good to you..

Term 4 Results


Vocabulary - 30/30 (20%/20%)
Essay Writing - 17/30 (23%/40%)
Comprehension & Summary - 27.5/50 (22%/40%)
Total - 65%/100% B3

Higher Chinese:

Paper 1 - 53/70
Paper 2 - 47/70
Oral - 27/40
Listening Comprehension - 18/20
Total - 145/200 (73%/100%) A2


Paper 1 - 34/40 (42.5%/50%)
Paper 2 - 57/60 (47.5%/50%)
Total - 90%/100% A1


Class Test - 36.5/40 (14%/15%)
SPA Test - 19/20 (10%/10%)
EOY Paper - 53.5/75 (46%/65%)
Model-Making Project - 21/35 (6%/10%)
Total - 76%/100% A1


Class Test - 15/20 (15%/20%)
Water Project - 15/20 (8%/10%)
EOY Paper - 41.5/60 (48%/70%)
Total - 71%/100% A2

Looking at this term's results, I'm pretty satisfied. I had almost all A's but sadly for English, I still couldnt make it. But nvm, I would try harder next year. I hope I could get my Straight A's.. This term's higher chinese isnt that bad, but I kind of regretted not working hard for HCL for the first three terms, which pulled my overall down badly. I would have to put in more efforts for HCL too. For Math, I m glad that I hit my target, but a little disappointed with myself for being so careless.. For Science, I'm very glad that this term didnt pull me down and I guessed I did well, especially for SPA. LOL XD. For Geography, I barely slipped through A, because I didnt do well for the paper. I guess I was somewhat careless, or rather, didnt read the questions such that it cost me to lose atleast 5 or more marks. I should really change this bad habit of mine, soon...

And the Overall results...

Overall Results


Term 1 - 67/100 (15%)
Term 2 - 66/100 (15%)
Term 3 - 69/100 (15%)
Term 4 - 65/100 (55%)
Overall - 67/100 B3

Higher Chinese:

Term 1 - 59/100 (15%)
Term 2 - 69/100 (15%)
Term 3 - 64/100 (15%)
Term 4 - 73/100 (55%)
Overall - 69/100 B3


Term 1 - 94/100 (15%)
Term 2 - 90/100 (15%)
Term 3 - 87/100 (15%)
Term 4 - 90/100 (55%)
Overall - 91/100 A1


Term 1 - 82/100 (20%)
Term 2 - 79/100 (30%)
Term 3 - 76/100 (20%)
Term 4 - 76/100 (30%)
Overall - 79/100 A1


Term 3 - 88/100 (40%)
Term 4 - 71/100 (60%)
Overall - 78/100 A1


Term 1 - 76/100 (40%)
Term 2 - 71/100 (60%)
Overall - 73/100 A2

Total - 457/600
Percentage - 76.2% A1

In a nutshell, I would say that my results had exceeded my expectations. I only expected my results to be somewhere around 75%, but I actually got 76.2%. That is a good achievement, atleast for me. I guess I can say that my efforts paid off this year. And I would continue to work towards better results and strive for greater heights. I hope your efforts paid off too and that you hit your targets.

Other Grades

D&T: B4
Art: B3

Moral: A
Home Econs: A1
Music: A
Appreciation of Chinese Culture: A1

Nothing to say for all these, but I guess next year wont have all these periods for us to relax anymore. Ya... nxt year will be a drastic change from this year.

And finally, I actually want to say that I topped the class this year. Surprising eh? But level position, quite sad la. 34/333. And please dont insult my class on that. Lousy we may be, but I m sure that our relationship, our unity and our bonds are always strong and sturdy.

Also, I will be taking up Triple Science next year, and hopefully Pure History and Geography Elective if my appeal is successful. Otherwise, it will be Pure Geography with History Elective, which I found that is not a good combination.

Ya.. and so, with this, another school year has passed and 2009 is coming to an end. Looks like I have to go through another parting. We will be separated into different classes next year. Also, tomorrow will be our class chalet. Looks like that may be the last time we are really having fun together. Whether tomorrow will be great, fun and exciting or not, it will always be my most memorable moments with the class. (Will post more on these tomorrow.)

And, there goes another year...

Will we meet again?

its all too late...
i have lost you...
{5:01 PM}